Fengtai to advance construction of Lize Financial Business District in 2019

2019-01-10 16:33 众鑫娱乐平台网址

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Beijing’s Fengtai District will continue advancing the planning and construction of Lize Financial Business District in 2019, according to the 6th Session of the 16th Fengtai District People's Congress that opened on January 9, 2019.

Lize Financial Business District is the gathering area of emerging financial industries and also the pilot site of the capital’s financial reform.

In 2019, Fengtai District will step up boosting eight projects’ completion or putting into use including Lize SOHO, China Insurance and Ping An Finance Centre.

Fengtai District will actively bring in licensed financial institutions and advance the settlements of major national, municipal and foreign-invested finance projects.

Fengtai District will mainly construct professional markets, develop professional financial institutions and provide professional financial services, and support the People's Bank of China to develop statutory digital currency industry.

Fengtai District will speed up constructing of National Finance Information building and China Securities Tower and other projects under construction.

Fengtai District will strengthen docking and cooperation with the Financial Street, launch construction of the roads crossing district’s boundary and advance the integration development of Lize Financial Business District and the Financial Street.

In addition, Fengtai District will boost the planning and constructing of Lize urban terminal for the Beijing Daxing International Airport.